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СНПЧ А7 Курск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

The PAID-WA learning process has as its core objective to equip students with “hands on” experience and skills. This has been demonstrated in the designing and adoption into the PAID-WA curricular: the PAID-VMP, the numerous field visits and outreaches.

It is with this excitement and desire to acquire actual skills that the year two Environment and Agricultural Development course students embarked on a field visit to the Sasse Farm owned by the Likove Farmers Simplified Cooperative Society (LFCS). This farm is situated around the Sasse neighborhood of the Buea Municipality, at the foot of Mount Cameroon some 7km from Buea Town and 3km from Mile 4 Limbe. The LFCS being an integrated farm, it offers the perfect opportunity for the students to observe the various waste generation avenues, management and disposal practices. The objectives of the field visit were as follows: To identify the different types and sources of generation of agricultural waste in a typical farm setting

To observe the actual practice of waste management methods by the LFCS Farmers at the Sasse Farm

To identify typical challenges faced in managing typical agricultural waste and to propose solutions.

Participants were delighted to be taken through the farm by the landlord who took ample time to explain all the agricultural practices: agroforestry, horticulture, livestock production (bee keeping and pig farming) practiced at the farm; the various sources of waste generation; the various farm and waste management methods employed at the farm.

At the end, the participants conducted a SWOT analysis of the farm from whence they proposed solutions of waste and farm practice methods to achieve better outcomes at the farm.

By Aurelie Zankie