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Welcome Statement from the Regional Director

СНПЧ А7 Курск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

A warm welcome to the official website of Pan African Institute for Development – West Africa (PAID-WA), which brings you updates and news from its world of research, training, and capacity development.  The past years have seen greater focus and intensification of our activities underpinned by significant investment, as it continues to make excellent strides to consolidate its strategic objectives in this regard.

Created in 1969, PAID-WA is part of the expanding network of Pan African Institute for Development International (I’PAID), a highly respected African institution providing capacity development and innovative research outcomes to accelerate the growth and development of the region.  

PAID-WA is the hub of African cultural diversity with a rare mix of international students drawn from the region and beyond; offering a learning environment that is highly condusive.  We are a regional capacity building and research organisation serving the West African region, with a wide range of inter-disciplinary programmes and specialized diplomas at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  Our programme page showcases these disciplines from which prospective students are invited to make their selection.   Our team of multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural staff is drawn from the sub-region to provide the pedagogic and support services required to meet the desired needs.

When you walk through the gates of PAID-WA, you begin a relationship that transcends the study programmes and gives you a touch that integrates you in the global society.  The institute prides itself in developing lasting relationships with its alumni who are valued members of its global extended family.

Through its consultative status and cooperation with international organizations and governments, PAID-WA benefits from linkages at the regional, and global level of I’PAID.  These include: the AU-NEPAD, ECOSOC, UNDP, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), UNICEF, Plan International, Commonwealth Organisations, Africa’s Management Development Institutions Network (AMDIN), the host governments of PAID regional Institutes, national and international institutions with bilateral cooperation.

As you browse through this site, it is our wish that you find programmes and services compatible with those aspirations that reflect innovative spirit of the African Renaissance. 

I join the entire PAID-WA community in welcoming you to this site.

Regional Director