alt On invitation of the Chinese Minister of Commerce, Prof. Roger Mondoué, the Director of the PAID School of Doctoral Studies, carried out a mission in China from 6 to 30 September 2017, on the occasion of a Seminar held on Economy and Trade for the 2017 African Teachers. The Seminar was organized by the Hebei University of Economics and Business.

The organizers ended the seminar by touristic travels inside the cities of Shijiazhuang, Xi’an and Beijing.


 Prof. Mondoué returned from the mission with a certificate issued by the Chinese Minister of Commerce and also with a certificate of honour offered by the International Business Research Institute of CEEC for a course that Prof. Mondoué taught on the topic: “Introducing to Cameroon Economy Opportunities”.

 In addition, he was designated as a spokesperson of the African participants during the closure of the Seminar.

 The participants of the African countries were 18 including two from Cameroon, five from Malawi, two from Tanzania, four from Morocco, four from Zambia, and one form Uganda. remiseParchemein


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