Long-term training, short training and seminars

The training strategy was designed primarily to encourage beneficiaries to consider the development of African countries according to patterns that best fit their cultures while remaining rooted in modernity.
Women and men who follow the training developed by the IPD from the initial training, the public, parastatal or private. They are either people that mid-level high-level positions of responsibility in private companies or in government and parastatals.

IPD offers through its regional institutes:

Initial training, continuous and on-demand;
Of several types (long, short and seminars);
Through various methods (in situ, on site, Elearning) that allow all Africans according to their local environment to benefit.


In initial and continuing training, DWI offers courses leading to obtaining a degree or a Master in the areas of development, framed by the LMD compatible CAM (African and Malagasy Council of Equivalence for Higher Education).
These high-level training prepares students trained to assume responsibilities of leadership in design and development of their countries.
The main areas covered by this training are:

Sustainable Development;
The Social Solidarity Economy;
The Project Management and Development Programs
Development and Regional Integration;
Regional Planning and Spatial Planning;
The Geographic Information Systems


The seminars have a maturity of up to ten days while short courses generally last between 1 and 3 months to allow the learner / beneficiary can master a specific field of training provided to the IPD. After this training the student receives a certificate of competence in the field of training followed, and generally viewed to assess the benefits and impact of capacity building in its working environment.
Depending on the issues raised in various parts of Africa, the regional institutes offer seminars and training courses of short duration on the main topics below:

TRAINING in the e-learning
Sandwich courses
The documentary information management and archives;
Planning, monitoring and evaluation;
The community leadership and sustainable development;
The institutional and organizational development;
Participatory development and communication;
ICT and Development


The site training or presential are those organized on the websites of various institutes or regional liaison office in Geneva and in a few focal points.

Some Africans, for material reasons, professional, and even family can not travel to attend training in situ. Since 2009, the IPD gives them and others the opportunity to take distance learning courses via the Internet.
Method using a learner-centered, our e-learning programs are specially adapted to the user and allows it to follow its course entirely or partially over the Internet with opportunities for consolidation and Viva voce-face.
This technology is now applied to long-term training and being prepared for inclusion in training for short durations.

They merge the two previous training methods. This is for the recipient to follow part of his training in situ and another online.

TRAINING in the e-learning
Sandwich courses

Sustainable development
Access to Regional PAID
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