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Support -consultancy is an activity through which PAID transfers and apply in the field, the knowledge acquired during training. It is this activity that valued in the field the results of research innovation. Support- consultancy units are in all regional institutes and are responsible for managing projects and regional and international programs of  PAID, the feasibility studies, evaluations, institutional audits, etc.
The support and consultancy in PAID covers primarily the following areas:

  • Youths and small business creation;
  • Women and local trade;
  • Fair trade;
  • Social animation;
  • Environmental projects in the Sahel region;
  • Sustainable development;
  • Project management;
  • Regional planning;
  • Decentralization and participation ;
  • Etc.

This activity is realized in collaboration with local and international partners.
Some achievements of PAID in support-consultancy:
•    DIAKONIA research on participation and empowerment of men in reduction of violence in female schooling in ADEP’s (Association d’Appui et d’Eveil Pugsada) domain of operation.
•    Evaluation of projects “Water and Sanitation” and “Access to basic services” for the Support Programme for Urban Development of Douala and Yaounde (PADUDY) and French Development Agency (AFD)
•    Mid-term assessment of the Support Programme for the Urban Development of Douala and Yaounde (PADUDY) on behalf of the Douala City Council (DCC) and the French Development Agency (AFD)
•    Provide assistance in drawing the master plan for the FUNDONG municipality (Cameroon) on behalf of the National Participatory Development Programme (NPDP)

Sustainable development
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