PAID have several sources of Funding:


  • Membership fees: PAID is an International association whose membership fee is a source of funding its activities.
  • Revenue from its activities : PAID through its regional institutes and its General Secretariat carries out activities that enable it to generate fund to help finance part of the institution's activities such as research and innovation and  support-consultancy.


  • Funding by host countries: African funding of PAID is already a reality. In the past, many African governments have financially supported PAID.
  • In addition, three headquarters agreements were signed with host countries (Cameroon, Burkina Faso and Zambia) and PAID. These agreements include significant financial benefits.
  • Funding by other African countries: Several other African governments in the past, contributed annually to PAID for Instance Nigeria. Negotiations are ongoing with African countries to finance new activities of PAID.
  • Funding by regional African organizations: In most African governments, several African regional bodies such as the ADB, IDB, BDEAC, the BCEAO, WAEMU, CEMAC, etc finance the activities of PAID.

PAID requires active participation of international bilateral aids, multilateral and private.
Since its creation till present date, PAID has benefited at the international level the following contributions:

  • Governments: These are the governments of Switzerland, Canada, Germany, France, the Netherlands, the USA, Great Britain, Belgium, Norway and Denmark.
  • Regionals Organizations: The European Union (E.U) through its scholarships to African countries, the Commonwealth, etc.
  • Internationals organizations: In this domain we find:

1.    International agencies like WHO, ILO, FAO, Etc.
2.    Big American foundations: Ford, Rockeller, Kellogg, Pew.
3.    Many Americans and Europeans NGOs: NOVIB, EZE, SOS Faim, Oxfam.

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